Who We Are

Victory Ridge Academy is a public charter school that is different from other public schools serving special needs children. With emphasis on children with communication deficits, emotional/behavioral challenges and physical disabilities, VRA uses an unique model that combines an individualized educational program with a medical and behavioral programs to meet both the educational and therapeutic needs of the child. Teachers, Paraeducators, Behavior Specialists and Therapists work together as a team. Some of our unique areas include:

  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication) Classroom Activities
  • Adaptive Physical Education
  • Individualized and systemic Behavior Plans
  • Non-violent Crisis Intervention Teams
  • STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  • Augmentative Technology Systems
  • Early Intervention
  • Agricultural Program: hydroponics, vegetable garden, raising chickens from fertilized eggs
  • Therapeutic playground
  • Language based learning centers
  • Therapeutic Horse Riding and Hippotherapy
  • Participation in Special Olympics
  • Animal Assisted Therapy (Therapeutic Labrador, free range chickens, horses)
  • Therapeutic Swimming
  • SCERTS – for children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Parent workshops and support groups

Victory Ridge Academy is a non-profit learning center serving students with a variety of special needs; Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Spina Bifada, Down’s syndrome and many more. We specialize with children on the Autism Spectrum; children with physical disabilities, children with behavior challenges and children with physical impairment. Some pre-K children with developmental disabilities transition to regular/mainstream kindergarten after experiencing the specialized intervention provided by Victory Ridge Academy.

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