Our Children’s Academy, was founded based on the belief by the founders, Board of Trustees, staff and administration that early intervention is critical to helping children with special needs. They need a safe, positive and nurturing learning environment to develop communication skills, social skills, academic/technical skills and their self-confidence.

Why a Red Balloon?

The mascot comes from the classic 1956 short film The Red Balloon (Le Balloon Rouge) by Albert Lamorisse. The film celebrates the ability of a young boy’s imagination to take flight as a red balloon befriends the young French boy who feels alone and without friends or support. As the boy and the red balloon travel through the streets of Paris, the balloon provides enjoyment, friendship, play and education.

At Our Children’s Academy, the Red Balloon represents the support our children receive when they attend our programs. The Red Balloon is symbolic of the teachers, therapists, support staff, donors, volunteers and community supporters. Together, this synergy can create boundless possibilities.